Saturday, December 23, 2006

At my house we never build snowmen.

We did a sphinx
The guys from Monsters Inc.
Puff the Magic Dragon
A Castle (Well, several of those)
An Alligator
and one year we tried a horse, but his legs broke, so we had to put him down.

What shall we build this year?
Shoot me your suggestions. The kids will vote on a winner and build something just for you!


fineartist said...

How exciting, I'll cast a suggestion, how about the Venus of Willendorf?

All of those spheres would look mighty shapely in your yard.

I love this blog Kelley Bell!

xx, Lori

Kath in the Country said...

Happy Feet Penguins...Please!?

Smythe said...

Is the little boy your child? If so, he is beautiful! Merry Christmas, Kelly Bell!

Kelley Bell said...

Yepper! That's my boy!

(Of course, he's a mite bigger now...)

Holly said...

A teapot?....perhaps.....Did it include some really awesome flowering teas?.....maybe that was me....or maybe it was.....

Secret Santa!!!!

hee hee hee.

(so much for the secrecy, huh? I just wanted to make sure you received it on time....oops, I mean...Santa wanted to make sure you received it on time.)

Do you likey? : )

Xavierism said...

WOW! Your place is the place to be when it snow! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with Love, Joy, & Hope!

Merry Christmas!


Kelley Bell said...


It was YOU !!!

It Was YOU!!!!

I can't believe I guessed right!!!!!

Oh yes, I do love it!

I will upload pics and a write a nice post after

a) They fix blogger and let me upload photos from my mac

b) I finish dancing the Holiday hustle with the fam damily.

Thank you Holly. Thank you very much.
and a very merry christmas to you.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Those snow critters are really cool, my dear! How creative. And I second the penguin idea. A series of penguin bowling pins would look fabulous - or am I watching way too many cartoons?

Holly said...

You are SOOOOOO welcome! And I'm SOOOOOOO glad you liked it! Beautiful flowering teas, for a beautiful lady.

And how the heck did you guess it was me? I thought I was being sneaky. heh. : )

Merry Merry Christmas Miss Kelley, and I cant' wait to read your post!

Love and Hugs,
Holly Hoo

Erin Monahan said...

The Secret Santa thing was a whole lot of fun wasn't it? Even though some of us (like... um... ME) forgot about the "secret" part lol. I'm not giving you up on my blog, but I did want to stop by and thank you for the gift. I read the book first, then the note... and was so moved. It's perfect, thank you so much!

And the snowmen... seriously? Moster's Inc!? How cool! Although I'm vauely concerned about the color of the snow in that last pic... LOL.

We don't get enough snow in a year to make a decent snow BALL let alone whole sculptures :|

Kelley Bell said...

Hi Erin!

Yes, it was way cool.
Big thanks to Writer Mom for leading the effort.

And, I would not worry about the secret part at this point. Actually, I think we are supposed to post a post-script.

Im doing mine right now.

Take care of my baby Erin...
I do so love my Romany Free.