Friday, July 25, 2008

Bill is such a Pill


I can not even comprehend this man's mind. Does he not know, from his Omnipotent anchor seat of world wide wisdom that a woman's ability to control her own fertility is THE NUMBER ONE ECONOMIC INDICATOR for her ability to be self sufficient? Or that suppilying leterious old men with unnatural virility will eventually jump up and bite him in his "don't raise my taxes" wallet?

It seems to me the anti social program- anti welfare- anti abortion crowd would be

Somebody PLEASE chime in and help me get a grip on this. I am literally drowning in astonishment.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Check out

PolitickerOH published an interview with U.S. congressional candidate David Robinson this week. Robinson is running against Republican incumbent Pat Tiberi in the Ohio 12th district.

The site claims to be "virtual water cooler for the state’s political elite,[creating] a unique model to cover local and state politics, complimented with a national news organization."

You can sign up for their newsletter here:

Saturday, July 12, 2008


This woman might just become the next Rosa Parks. If McCain is going to run on a "Mavrick" image, someone might want to tell him to quit imitating the Bush administration.

Pay attention People:

Amy has a few things to say about citizen involvement in the media and Democracy.
Pay attention People: She is talking to YOU.

Friday, July 04, 2008

2008 DOO DAH Parade Photos!

It was a rainy DOO-DAH, DOO-DAH Day!
(Which is perfect, because DooDah is all about DOOing things different.)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Education reform

The Strickland Administration has set up 12 regional PBS broadcasts/web casts with a live audience of invited guests to discuss education reform. In concert with these broadcasts, there will be “watch parties”. Anyone can host a watch party by registering on the website

It is obvious that education reform and school funding reform are issues that must be considered together; hence, it would be prudent for school district leaders to organize a watch party in each school building or at least in each school district. The Governor’s office indicates, “all feedback will be considered equally, whether from the live broadcast or the watch parties.” This is an opportunity to be heard!

In 1913, Governor James Cox proclaimed November 14 as “School Survey Day” and urged parents, teachers, pupils and patrons to hold a meeting in every school building in the state in the afternoon or evening. His proclamation also called for an “Educational Congress” to be held in Columbus on December 5 and 6, 1913. The closing words of his proclamation said, “Let it be a day of genuine awakening. The necessity and opportunity of the hour call for it.”

The 1913 “grassroots” involvement in the School Survey Day and Educational Congress resulted in monumental school reform legislation in 1914.

In 1997 the Ohio Supreme Court ordered the state to give the school funding system a complete systematic overhaul. The “overhaul” might just emerge from the current effort.

Dates, times and places of the Governor’s meetings may be found on the website.

Family Pops! Dance! Dance! Dance!

Presented by The Musicians of the Columbus Symphony:
Family Pops! Dance! Dance! Dance!

Friday, July 11th 7:30 pm

John Deliman, Conductor
Place: Coffman Amphitheater at the
Dublin Community Recreation Center
5600 Post Rd. Dublin OH 43017
Tickets at the gate: $10 (Adults) $5 (12 and under)
Bring Family and Friends!

Orchestral Spectacular!
Summer music – Pops for your pleasure!
Saturday, July 12th 7:30 pm

Jaime Morales-Matos, Conductor
Place: Franklin County Veterans Memorial Auditorium
300 West Broad St. Columbus, OH 43215
General Seating Tickets:
$22 online at $20 at the door
For more information on upcoming concerts, visit www.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Of good deeds and wishes

Here's an interesting web site for good deed doers and well wishers: The Hunger Site is a cool portal where you can send free e-cards, buy some great products, or simply click through the site to help feed the poor. Yup, it's that easy, just click a button and the ad sponsors donate money to feed starving children. No catch, no strings, no B.S.

Ya can't find an excuse not to help when it's THAT easy.

And while you're there, you might find a really nice pair of fair trade sandals, or a fabulously cool necklace like this:

(HINT: if any of my cyber friends out there really love me...this is what I want for Christmas.)