Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great Tip for Dealing with Cold Winter Weather

I hate cold weather. REALLY hate it. I am one of those people whose toes turn to ice when the temp dips under 72 degrees.

But this morning, this lovely morning, when I awoke, I learned a new trick to make the cold months more bearable.

Last night I left my sweater hanging on the kitchen chair just above the heater vent.

When I put it on, oh my, what a delight! It felt as if it has just tumbled out of a hot dryer. I tell ya, it changed my mood for the entire day.

Old man winter, bring it on baby! I've got my defense now.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feminist Fumes when Insight Cable Co. Pulls a “Deloris Clayborn” Stunt

Insight Communications has implemented a "new security policy" that some (or at least one) feminist finds offensive.

After nearly twenty years of being the person in our family who calls Insight to make changes/upgrades to our service, today I was told “Your husband will need to call us and give permission for you to make any future changes to this account.”

I felt like Kathy Bates in the bank scene from the movie Dolores Claiborne.

“I’ve been the person handling this account for almost twenty years.” I said.
“It’s a new security policy. The account is in his name.”

“Yes, I know that. He started the service before we were married, but every time I call, ----and I am always the one to call-- you just ask me for our account number to verify my authorization.”

“Just have your husband contact us and provide his permission for you to handle the account. Then we will be happy to help you.”

Say What??????

Now maybe they DID institute a “new security policy”, or maybe, the difference is that today I was making a request to downgrade our service instead of upgrading. Maybe they added this policy in anticipation that a lot of wives would be calling in to cut back during these tight economic times, so they figured they might be able to “secure” some of their precious revenue if they added a few extra hoops for us to jump through.

I suspect that might be the case, because when I called, the rep asked for my account number as always, and was ready and willing to help me... that is until I mentioned I was mulling a scale back in our services. THEN all of a sudden, that "new policy" went into effect.

What Insight might well remember is that this ain’t the 1950’s and even the mere idea of a policy that invokes memories of the gender inequities of the past, is something they would be wise to avoid. Otherwise, their financial security might really be at risk, especially when they realize that 70% of the consumer spending in this country is controlled by women.


If you have any questions or concerns about your Insight service, they have a toll free number for your convience: 1-800–686–2200

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free Valentines Day Poetry

Carolyn Howard-Johnson is offering a free download of her Cherished Pulse poetry as a Valentine's gift.

Isn't that sweet? Her offer embodies the free sharing of information that makes the webbernet so wonderful. (Her idea is also pretty handy for spendthrift Romeos trying to survive in our current economy.)

Click here to learn more about Cherished Pulse and how to do it.

Print out a poem on some fancy paper. Spray it with perfume. Glue on a flower or two, and present it to the one you love with a nice chunk of Ghirardelli Chocolate.

Happy V Day!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Do you want more readers for your blog?

Hey gang,

Do you want more readers for your blog? If so, I have a helpful tip to share. I have been off researching all the hottest websites, trying to learn what exactly they are doing right. Well, One of the things they do is apply to the Open Web Directory at DMOZ.

It is apparently a rather coveted thing to be accepted by DMOZ. Some folks wait several years before being accepted, and others never get accepted at all. The good news is, if you have a great site with good content, and stick to a subject matter that is not already over saturated, you might just find yourself accepted overnight.

It only takes a few minutes to apply, and is well worth it. Once your site is listed, it gets pumped out to all the major search engines on a regular basis and will drive tons of new traffic your way.

So give it a shot...we could all use a few thousand new friends.