Monday, March 12, 2007


Ya-all know me as Kelley Bell. People have called me that since I was a baby. Especially my brother, who adopted the more elaborate Smelly Kelley with Jelly in her Belly.

But that's not my legal married name.

In certain careers, an alias is acceptable, even common, but for the endeavor I embark upon today, that is not the case.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce myself, (and expose myself) formally, with The Launch of my Political Campaign!!!!

After you check it out, I hope you will all join up and pitch in as I work with my dear friend and co-patriot The Fat Lady Sings to use the blog world as a means to encourage women from all over this great country of ours to find the inner strength and confidence to run for office.

What happens in The House has a direct effect on what happens in our homes. Therefore, we need womens voices on the floor of every house of government across this nation, from the school boards, to the local zoning commissions, to the state house, and beyond.

If you believe, then give a holler and donate a dollar, or better yet, sign up to volunteer. We have lots of things for bloggers to do, and honey, it's gonna be one H*ll of a Ride!


Ericka said...

YES!!!!!!! Congratulations and happy running Kelley! You're brave, wise, and I wish you could clone yourself -- we'd get this country into shape in no time. This may be the first time in my life I've wished I lived in Ohio so I could cast a vote for YOU.

Kelley Bell said...

I wish you were here to Ericka. I feel like Dorothy; walking down that long hallway, with shaking knees and broom in hand, on her way to face the great and powerful Wizard of Oz.

zilla said...


Good on ya, woman!

geosmythe said...

Great! Like ericka--I would give you my vote--!!Best of luck--let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

Rain said...

I am so excited! What can I do?

Kelley Bell said...

Look for events in Delaware Country Ohio on the net. Womens club meetings, parades, Ohio Weslyan University student activites, Rotary Club meetings, lions club, health screenings, anything...Then send me alerts with the time, date and address of the meetings.

Also, blog all about it!

Oh, and if you have any sure would help.

The experts say I will need to raise a minimum of 100,000 dollars in order to get the message out.

Right now, I'm printing my own business cards, and wearing the soles off of my shoes, goin door to door, the old fashioned way.

-But even then, people still expect me to hand them a flyer, and that costs money.

But most important of all, just stand with me Rain. Knowing you are all out there with me, gives me the strength to prepare for the battles ahead.

Jay said...

And yay for your legal name not referring to your odour.

Rain said...

Hey Kelley, please get me your emaill address. I am doing some research. I hope I can find some useful info for you.

Trée said...

Kel good for you. All the best. :-)

ron st.amant said...

Congrats!! Wow!!!

Do you accept Canadian? :)

I wish I was registered in Ohio, alas I'm still a Utah boy according to the voter rolls.

Great wishes for you!!!

Writer Mom said...


I'm SO impressed. Please let me know what I can do. We're not too far from Ohio. We could manage some campaign work this summer if you need us! (I have no idea what that requires, but I used to LOVE The West Wing, so I'm all excited.)

(Clapping loudly.)

Writer Mom said...

*Doesn't this mean you'll ultimately end up interviewed by Stephen Colbert for his "Better Know a District" segment? AND you know so much about eagles! This is all so meant to be.

*I joke, but I'm still very impressed.

Kelley Bell said...

if you guys really want to help, send postage stamps!