Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm BAACK!!!!!

Hey gang,

I'm back. YesssireeeJim-Bob, After a long year of extreme focus, and sincere effort, I am finally free to blog again!

I had to put the old bloggeroo into hybernation during my lil ol run for The Ohio House of Representatives. But that is behind me now and I am glad to say...


It was an amazing experience, in which I learned a great deal and made many interesting new friends. (I promise to tell you all about it in weeks to come.)

To kick things off, let me share the telly commercial I ran during the campaign. Gawd, I can not begin to tell you how wierd it was to be eatin my wheaties with the munchkins and have this pop up on the boob tube.

The worst part is, every time I look at the spot all I can think of is what a "Bad hair day" I was having. Not to be vain but really, It looks like I pulled Shirley Jones' Partridge Family stylist out of rehab for this gig.


Click here for the Video Link to Kel Bell's Television Commercial with Ed Begley Jr.

For some added fun, here is a little link to an Ann Richards tribute poking fun at political hair.

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