Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Post 911 Fears

We live in a different world now.

I have heard that a million times in the past few years. Everything has changed since 911. We must agree to give up some of our civil liberties in exchance for tighter security, and safety.

Yea, Right.

What about Pearl Harbor????
Was that not a suprise attack by a ruthless enemy, on our own soil, that sent the nation into a state of panic?

We dealt with that by restricting civil liberties.
Ask any Japanese American about how well that worked.

A fellow named McCarthy had an idea to check people out to protect the good people from the bad commies.
Ask anybody who was on "The Black List" how well that worked.

The truth is, that people have been attacking people since the begining of time, when the first cave man, (a guy named Thug), hit his neighbor Ugg over the head with a club to steal his wife, his cave, and his meat.

War, hate, suspicion, terror, and fear have always been the ugly part of humanity.

The question is not
"What can we do to protect ourselves from "The Others", so that we can bask in the illusion of safety?

The question should be
"How can we elevate humanity to a worldwide state of peace, tolerance, and brotherhood?"

It's a tough question.

But a good first step would be to Promote the Free Expression of Ideas.
If we promote Freedom of Ideas, we create respect for thoughts and customs different from our own.
When this happens, we no longer fear or hate "The Others".

So stop shakin in yer shoes folks. You are not safe. You never were safe, and you will never be safe.
Giving up your Civil Liberties will not change that.
It did nothing for the people of Afganistan when the Taliban took over, and it will do nothing for you.

Be Brave.
Be Loving.
Live Free.

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Ashley said...

thanks for your insight on my blog however it wasn't needed.. shame on me for posting a fake number. and shame on you sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.

ScorpionTear said...

Talk about giving up civil liberties, immigrants, even the legal ones, are currently struggling with our system right now. Check out this article:

Talk about being strapped down by the government.