Thursday, February 24, 2005

The DaVinci Code

I would like to comment on Maude Newton's post regarding Dan Brown's book The DaVinci Code. Maude says:

Reading to impress "Joe Public"?

The ever-engaging Zoe Williams reacts to the news that the "soaraway favourite" summer reading selection for British MPs is The Da Vinci Code.

Mention of this book is often suffixed by how many copies it has sold, as if sheer weight of numbers obviates all consideration of how rubbish it is. And its a bit late to launch into a critique of a work that makes people feel physically sick when they finish it, like a pound of strawberry bonbons, but the question remains why arent they embarrassed? Why arent they at least pretending a greater intellectual evolution than this? What are they trying to hide? That they really prefer Enid Blyton?

Posted by Maud at Tue, AM

This oh so droll and ever so common snubbing of the book misses the point entirely.
There is a reason the DaVinci Code has become a phenomenon.

This book shares a special essence that lives within The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The tale of Tristan and Isolde, Robin Hood, Cinderella, Snow White, Rappunzel, and The legend of the Holy Grail.

These tales are all part of the undying tradition of Grail/Ring lore.

We all know the story of Adam and Eve; of how God told Adam not to eat the fruit from the tree, and how Eve listened to the Satan-serpent and disobeyed Yahweh God. We all know that all women eternally carry the weight of original sin and suffer the pain of childbirth as punishment for her apple eating crime.

What we are not supposed to know, is the earlier version of this tale. The version that has been preserved through Grail Lore and Fairy tales.

It goes like this:

In the beginning, Great Mother Earth created life. People lived off the land and looked to nature for wisdom. Women were honored for their magical ability to give birth. A connection was noticed between a woman’s period and pregnancy. Her period followed the cycles of the moon, and births followed the cycle of the seasons.

Men did not know that they played a part in this magical creation. They felt very earthly in comparison to the life bringing females.

The survival instinct was strong. Humans understood their primary purpose to survive and reproduce. This was nature’s way.

As civilization developed, people began to engage in rituals to honor life. This was the birth of religion. Women were life bringers, therefore the logical connection was made that The Great Mother gave birth to us all.

Women buried the blood soaked moss of menses under fruit trees. The trees would bear fruit each year, and the women had babies. The connection was made that the blood of a woman’s period was related to life.

Men were the protectors of the clans. When a man proved his worth to the clan he would be honored in a ceremony where he would drink the wine from the fruit of the sacred tree of life. This sacrament would be given to him by the senior female. Her blessing is what made him the sovereign leader of the clan. He was thus endowed with the magic of life and therefore fit to rule.

This was the birth of Kingship.

At some point, people realized that the men DID in fact play a role in the creation of life. People learned that when sex occurred at the right time between periods, a pregnancy would occur.

Religion then changes from Goddess worship to the concept of "The Divine Couple".

Adam and Eve is the story of The Divine Couple.

They were jointly called "The Adama” Adam, meaning "of the earth" and Eve meaning "bringer of life"

The Adama are The life bringers of the earth.
(The idea that Adam was "made from clay" is a VERY POOR translation folks.)

Thus we have the advent of marriage ceremonies and sacred sex.

The serpent was the symbol of healing knowledge. (It still is. Ever notice the two snakes on the American Medical Association logo?) The snake slithered through the plants, up into the trees and under the ground. Of all the animals, the snake held the most intimate knowledge of plants and roots. Plants and roots were the first form of medicine. Women were the gatherers and nurturers, therefore the women were the healers.

So we have the symbol of the woman as the Grail Giver: the life bringing Goddess who holds the healing knowledge given by the serpent.

There are many many stories from every culture of the hero who embarks on a quest to save his people. When he proves his worth, he comes to the tree of life and is rewarded with the fruit of knowledge from the Goddess, and thus becomes king. The tree is always guarded by the serpent.

The serpent is sometimes shown as a dragon. Thus we have the Pendragon Kings, and women with wings (fairies and angels, etc.)

This was a time in history when a man gained his sovernty through the blessing of the woman, and together they ruled as king and queen, or as leaders of their clan. He was the protector who gained wisdom and insight from the woman. She GAVE him the power to rule, and offered her obedience as a GIFT to honor him, as he HONORED HER!!!!!!!


It was later in history when temple worship rituals lost their true purpose and the sexual serpent rituals of the Goddess worshipers turned into sinful orgies.

This is when the idea of Sex as sin began. This is when the Hebrews changed the story of The Adama to the modern version of Adam as the one who gave birth to the woman, thus taking all power away from the Goddess.

They claimed that Woman did not create life: Man Gave Birth to Woman!
Man was first and woman was born from his rib!
Man was the life bringer! (what a hoot!)
Eve was not the Goddess, she was a lowly plaything for Adam, and was wrong to listen to the snake. Her council and healing knowledge were evil and should be ignored.

(side note: God told Adam that if he ate the fruit he would die. The serpent told Eve that if she ate the fruit, she would gain knowledge...Who told the truth?)

Anyway, the Catholic church was hell bent to destroy all other belief systems. The Pope ordered the libraries of Alexandria to be burned to the ground, and hunted down and killed everyone who did not conform to their patriarchal doctrine.

The libraries of Alexandria were the vaults of all the great writings of the ancient world. They held the history of humanity of all cultures. It was the greatest metropolitan center of learning on earth. And it is now lost.


This began a period of history known as The Dark Ages. (See the connection?)

The Christian monks were then set to work, to rewrite history, eliminating all record of women or Goddess worship, or The Divine Couple, or Grail Lore.

It now only exists among the crones and witches, and in fairy tales and stories.

When you read a tale of a young maiden, suffering, being poisoned, or locked away by the wicked step mother, while she waits for her hero to save her so that they can take their place as king and queen, you are hearing the history of the "mother church" who sought to destroy The Divine Couple and usurp their sovergn rule.

The wicked step mother is the symbol of the Patriarchal Catholic, Hebrew, Muslim Churches.

The Catholics do not allow women any voice or vote. They cannot become priests, or bishops or Pope. They have not vote in Conclave.

The Hebrew males recite a daily prayer that says "Thank god I was not born a woman." and confine women to subservient gender roles.

The Muslims cover their women in Burka's and imprison them under their husbands rule.

All of these forms of discrimination against women were born from the suppression of The Grail Traditions. They are designed to put men in control without the need for a women to give him sovergnty.

THAT is why the DaVinci Code is causing such a stir. This book deals with the lost history of humanity, and seeks to put women back in their rightful place...BESIDE her man, not UNDER him.

Grail stories never die because we are instinctively attracted to the secret truth they hold.

Those who find this knowledge have found the Holy Grail.

When we end patriarchal discrimination in religion,

Women will no longer be treated as second-class citizens or property.
Leaders will rule with the protective power of the male balanced with the nurturing healing knowledge of the female.
Sex will be viewed as a healthy part of marriage.
Children will be valued.
Fear based doctrine will be shunned
We will no longer need a savior, for we will know that we are divine and not living is a state of perpetual sin.

The Grail offers a much healthier model of spirituality.

It is why we are so attracted to Diana and Charles, JFK and Jackie, Brad and Jen...

Even Jesus and Magdalene were examples of The Divine Couple, but of course, that knowledge was venomously suppressed.

Its the secret that we all already know, but have been brainwashed to reject.

Brown asserts that Magdalene was the true inheritor of Jesus’ ministry, and that Peter, "The Rock", was a power hungry male chauvinist who stole her heritage and belittled all women in a patriarchal campaign that is the greatest lie of all time.

In conclusion, Dan Browns book is not on the best seller lists because he is a great writer, he is on the list because he alludes to the lost history of humanity, and the true nature of spirituality. He book attacks the wicked step mother and seeks to put men and women back on equal footing.

That folks, it the secret of the Holy Grail.

It's not hard to find if you strip away the armor of indoctrination, like Percival did.


Anonymous said...

Could the Holy Grail be in or near Edinburgh, Scotland?


North Bridge and Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh, from the north west by Adam Bruce Thomson (1885 -1976)

The hill behind the crags is called Arthur's Seat, referring to the legend that King Arthur built his Camelot here. It is an extinct volcano. Edinburgh is not top of the list when it comes to possible sites for Camelot, but there are some other Scottish links to Arthurian legends, including the possible Holy Grail castle in East Lothian. A 19th "Historian" was convinced that Edinburgh is the true site of Jerusalem, and he wrote several lengthy tomes on the subject. Arthur's Seat was supposed to be Calvary Mount.

-- Professor Jonathan Vos Post

mapletree7 said...

Lots of books explore those themes and don't become best-sellers.

firedawg said...

I couldn't believe it when I heard Pat Robertson advocating assassinating a foreign leader.

The Christian Republic, taking on the Godless Republics and the Islamic Republics.
Everything is polarizing soooo much it is starting to get scary.


Kelley Bell said...

Maybe it took off because it was not written with a feminist voice.
The author was a man
The hero was a man and scientific thinker
The genre was the ever popular murder mystery
The locations involved some of the hottest tourist traps in the world.

Many books on this subject are shunned by Christians, unless of course they are cloaked as fable. Maybe this one used the above devices to slip in under the radar.

Kelley Bell said...

My thanks go to Sister Maude Newton for slapping my hands with her ruler and pointing out the typos in my post.

I shall take her lesson to heart.

Never post prior to spell-check, as it will rapidly deteriorate the essence of any good philosophical discussion.

Muzakaz said...

lol. Just watched the public tv program on Davinci Code....great fiction.