Thursday, March 17, 2005

Think before you choose

So here we have a theology model, namely, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity that are all based in the same root.

They all stem from an ancient Middle Eastern idea of patriarchal monotheism, that is, the idea of The One God, with male attributes.

Joseph Cambell explained it best. He taught that agricultural societies, who depend on the bounty of the earth, are generally peaceful, develop matriarchal theologies, and live in harmonious balance with the cycle of nature. Their religious doctrines exalt the feminine qualities of nurturing, mothering, and the honoring of birth, and new life.

Societies that subscribe to the Patriarchal model are war like and aggressive, exalting the male traits of power, fear and control.

Look at The UK, Ireland, Israel, Palestine, The United States, and Iraq; they are all using patriarchal models of worship, and they are all war like and aggressive.

History has shown that whenever a group of patriarchal people comes in contact with a matriarchal group, the result is that the patriarchal group will over power the matriarchal group, force them to assimilate, or wipe them out.

For example; what does the Christian holiday of Easter have to do with chocolate bunnies and eggs?


The eggs and bunnies were part of a spring fertility celebration practiced by the pagans, (a matriarchal group). The Christian Church simply stepped in and forced these people to assimilate their worship into the patriarchal model. The same goes for Christmas, and Halloween, and all of the other major holidays.

Is it any wonder the world is out of balance? That war and oppression, and violence against women, are perpetuated and condoned?

How can we, as a modern progressive democracy, be so hypocritical, to vilify the backward thinking of the Middle East, and at the same time go to church every Sunday, and exalt the concepts laid out by their ancestors?

If we fail to adopt a theological model that will evolve and grow in step with the modern ideals of democracy, our society will be doomed to a bloody, violent end.

Worship however you like, but do the world a favor, and think before you choose.

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