Friday, July 29, 2005

Out with the Trash: part two

The other day, I was babysitting four munchkins while cleaning the basement. They were in the playroom at the end of the hall. They always play wherever I am cleaning. They seem to think that its their duty to make new messes in my wake so that I will have something to do.

Bless their busy little hearts!

Anyway, I got this Grand Idea to move this big oversized chair into the playroom.

Well, as I was rounding the corner, it got stuck.
Not just stuck a little bit, but wedged into the wall like a boulder in a canyon.

The kids are on one side and Im on the other.

Their Dad shows up to pick up his tots.
"Um, can have your kids, if we can get to them..."

We managed to figure a way to have them climb out over the top of the bohemouth obstruction and all was well: except for the chair of course.

I felt like Lucille Ball. I could just picture my hubby turning into Ricky Ricardo when he got home.

To save face, I went to war with that thing! O Monster in my hallway, I grapple with thee.

Puffing and panting I retreated to the garage. I emerged with a chain saw and safety glasses as my children stared in disbelief.

Fuzz, Fabric and Fibers went Flyin!

The chair is dead, the walls are wounded, but the passage to the playroom is clear.

Now...what's next?????

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