Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cold Remedy

In the west, our doctors refer to the "common cold".

In Asia, the practicioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have discovered five different types of colds.

A common home remedy for colds that the Chinese people have used for hundreds of years is a recipe of Asian pears cooked in rock candy.

Slice the pears
add water and rock candy
cook on the stove till syrup thickens

Eat the pears and sip the warm syrup.

It breaks up the flem and alleviates symptoms.

Its the Asian version of Chicken soup.


HawkOwl said...

Hehehe. I think it's really more an excuse to have someone fix you a big bowl of liquid warm sugar! Thanks for sharing that.

sweetviolet said...

and my husband made me drink vinegar???!!