Sunday, September 18, 2005

A matter of Perspective

Mother Nature, though she be a harsh mistress, has but one goal: to nurture growth and new life in a state of harmony and balance.

World human population hovered at about ten million for many centuries. In recent decades, our numbers have shot up to a mind boggling six billion people! Scientists predict that we could reach numbers of up to 14 billion before the end of the next century.

This rate of over population is out of balance with nature. She will correct the problem for us, of that there is no doubt. She will use all forms of natural disasters, and most likely will gift us with a pandemic virus, in order to bring our species back into a state of harmony.

It sounds cruel, I know, but in truth, it is a form of kindness, that will not only ensure the survival of our species, but of all other life on earth as well.


firedawg said...

I know. People don't realise that nature will find a way, and if she doesn't we are all doomed.

Too many people live for themselves in the moment and don't consider the long term consequences. If it were only these numbskulls that paid the price but too often so many innocents are caught up in the aftermath!

Got any more matriarchal stories??
They are all new to me and I enjoy trying to put them in my knowledge/experience base.

Keep on.

GPV said...

If not by outside means then surely from inside but for sure nature always finds a way.
Thanks for visiting me and giving me your opinion,strange enough;my post was a warning to men and only women are commenting so far.

sweetviolet said...

i've always believed that. i never wanted more than 2 biological children. i've been reading a lot about declining birthrates (almost everywhere). japan is experiencing a shortage of entry level workers. now i just don't know what to make of it all.

Kelley Bell said...

The wealthy developed countries have a very stable rate of birth. Their citizens are educated about birth control and have access to birth control. Women in these countries have opportunites and choices in education, carreer and home life.

My husband and I planned our family and decided not to reproduce more than ourselves. So we had two kids. We also used birth control and delayed the start of our family untill we had our finances, educations and careers in place. These options are not available in underdeveloped countries, or to the poor people in the wealthy countries.

In India, poor women average 7 children.

In China, over population is such a concern that they passed the one child per family law, that has led to unspeakable attrocities.

Rather than make this a really long post, I will simply say that there is much information out there. Check it out.