Friday, April 28, 2006


Here are a few pics of a den of foxes The Ohio Wildlife Center is monitoring. Are they not just toooo cute!


Pups (Kits)



Doug said...

Aw, truly. You might be interested in this. My friend, Aral Peppermint Patty Pez writes about her conclusion that the fox is her animal totem.

AP3 said...

Hi there, thanks for coming by the Mystical Montage! How sweet of Doug to send you.

These are great fox pictures. They really are wonderful creatures.

Rain said...

so cute! love the mama and baby shot!

Writer Mom said...

Wow! And I thought I was lucky getting pics of our baby robins out back. Awesome!

(Sorry I've been missing)

john_m_burt said...

Aren't baby foxes called "kits", though?