Thursday, April 19, 2007

A big day at the Statehouse

This energetic group trained all morning and, armed with the facts, lobbied for the Ohio Prevention First Act.

All this happened right after the Statehouse was evacuated because of a small fire. People were all over the place. It was bizzare. While we were waiting for everything to return to normal, I sat on the statehouse steps just a few feet behind the podium shown in this picture.

I was just a chit chattin away with my home girl about who knows what, when some stranger came up to me all bug eyed and informed me the microphone was on, and our conversation was broadcasting all over the Statehouse lawn.

EEE-GADS! Now the world knows all my secrets! LOL

Anyway, when the fireworks ended, we rallied with Senator Sue Morano, Rep. John Peterson, and Rep. Tyrone Yates who have all worked very hard on the Prevention First bill.

This bill will improve access to family-planning services and honest, comprehensive sex education, so that Ohioans have the resources and knowledge they need to prevent unintended pregnancies.

(When it comes to "Family Values", it just seems to me that education and prevention make a whole lot more sense than criminalization and social ridicule.)

Note to those of you who like to play Where's Waldo:
I'm in the second row on the right, next to the lady in red.


Rain said...

Cool, sounds like you are on your way!

Wes said...

When I lived in Cincinnati, I worked on Rep. Yates' first campaign for the State House.

Would that there were 98 more of him in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Compare him to the loathsome Tom Brinkman.