Friday, April 20, 2007

Why the Dogs Got Steaks for Dinner:

Up and at 'em
Pet care
Read Op-Eds
Check headlines
Get kids up and off to school

Calling for dollars:
(The one activity that makes all candidates feel like a dog being dragged into the vet for a rectal exam.)
"Hi remember me (from some obscure somewhere about twenty years ago?) Why am I calling? Well, funny you would ask...Could you write me a check for $500.00? Oh, I see. Well, how about twenty?"

My third trip to the doc this month. The tubes in my ears have collapsed. Prognosis: meds aren't working. The magic eight ball says surgery is in my future. ugggh.

Grocery. Found two nice juicy steaks for the grill. Yummmmm.

Babysit the after school crowd while writing thank you notes to donors and working on campaign.

Door to door campaigning.

Daughter in crisis: yesterdays sore throat has turned into full blown flu, and tweenkin is locked in the bathroom at the school dance, blowing chunks and writhing with embarrassment while all her school mates gossip and watch.
Super mom to the rescue!

Third grade son is having slumber party. Two overnight guests are planned, but ten neighborhood boys are in our back woods wearing full military gear,doing "night maneuvers" with their pop guns. One falls into a barbed wire fence on the neighbors property and slices open his chest from collar bone to belly button.

Urgent Care

Rambo comes home, and digs on the purple heart status among his peers.
(I have to brag here a little bit: The urgent care did not charge for the visit because my first aid work was so good, they did not have to do anything.) Everybody is good at something, and this is one of my talents. Trust me on this; if you ever fall off a cliff in the wilderness, I'm the girl you want on the other end of that rope.

I finally start to cook those steaks... and. the. grill. runs. out. of. gas.

Off to the propane store, but first, all three boys reveal multiple day old boo-boos and want band aids. Then of course my daughter wakes up and starts puking on cue.

Dinner is served, but no one is hungry, so the dogs lucked out and got steak.


Mariamariacuchita said...

Wow. you are a super mom..What a day..

I hope you are good at power naps.

Anonymous said...

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Rain said...

super woman!

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Dear god honey - you HAVE had a day! And I thought my week was bad! Glad to hear both childun's are doing OK. Damn bad to hear about your ears. Don't you think god should have made an exception for both of us at least throughout the entirety of the campaign? All bad luck and ill health suspended (for the next 5 or 6 years if I had my druthers!). As always - you are in my thoughts and prayers, my dear. Every conversation I have with god these days seems to include your name - along with a plea for clemency on the health issues! :)

Xavierism said...

Have a fabu fab weekend!


geosmythe said...

I bet you are really glad they invented weekends-but I would imagine that weekends aren't much different in your house!