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The White House Project

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White House Project
GO RUN LEAD Training Program
Columbus Ohio
June 6 - 8, 2008

“If it takes a village to raise a child, the likelihood is slim that a woman would be governing that village in Central Ohio.”

That statement is the conclusion of recent research conducted by Laralyn & Associates on Women’s Political Presence. For decades Ohio has received failing marks on women’s rights and representation and currently we are losing ground on the precious little territory we do occupy.

• Ohio ranks a dismal 43rd among the 50 states for the number of women in state legislature
• Only 12 of 59 judges on the bench in the 7 county Central Ohio area are women
• Women represent 51% of the population and only 28% of key elected and appointed positions

The Whitehouse Project is working to change that. The organizations founder, Marie Wilson, who also started Take Your Child to Work Day, is coming to Columbus June 6-8, offering a three day GO RUN LEAD training program for women.
This is a unique opportunity for Ohio women to learn the skills involved to influence politics and create a better future for us all.

This training session is for those who are running for office, for those who want to run for office, for those who want to run a campaign and especially for those community advocates who desire to be more effective.

The event is called OHIO GO RUN and is open to any woman in Ohio interested in influencing the world of politics. Politics effects everything in our daily lives, from the cost of gas, to the cost of food, to the quality of our childrens education. Our model of government is built on citizen participation. Unfortunatly women have precious few seats at the table.

Go Run is a weekend-long training to inspire, equip, and inform women from all walks of life to lead
more effectively in your work, community, and politics. The training will focus on communications,
fundraising, organizing and other leadership skills.
This national training program engages local experts, public officials, current and former
elected officials, and speakers to help train and share their experience and stories of success.
We make this training affordable for women from all income levels. Scholarships are available.

Participants represent a wide diversity in race, age, geogrpahy and political affiliation. 66 applicants are currently enrolled in the program that will include sessions on the media, the economy, and public speaking.

Presenters include Jenette Bradley, Jennifer Brunner, Jane Campbell, Laketa Cole, Nan Whaley, Barbara Ferris, and Roxanne Qualls, and Delaware County resident Kelley Wenzlaff will provide the introduction for Keynote Speaker, and White House Project Founder, Marie Wilson. The event will be documented by a professional film crew for use in future GO RUN trainings across the country.

For more information:
Monica Mendoza @ 303-871-6845

Women’s Political Leadership Training
June 6 - 8, 2008
Columbus, Ohio

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