Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring Veterans day

My Grandmother: A real Rosie the Riveter!

Her dad: Leader of the 42nd Rainbow Division band under General Black Jack Pershing.

Grandmas twin brother: "Uncle Inky" a WWI Doughboy, who went off to war with his father at the tender age of 14.


Gabriele said...

You must be very proud of your family. I love the term Dough boys.
They were brave wondeful Soldiers.
I really feel for them. Fox holes and mustard gas. How awful.
the 20th century was so violent.
and the 21st is not off to a good start. I am remembering the guys I served with in Vietnam and praying for an end to the war in Iraq.
great post with wonderful pictures.

*Ange* Life in the PS said...

Thanks for sharing and remembering.

I get more and more emotional on this day the older I get, for some reason.

A cross between missing those who served and worrying that my own children might have to some day.

Barnard said...

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