Saturday, January 17, 2009


I just launched a new blog. It's called I spent the past three weeks learning css, html and php codes so that I could do some fun customizations and put a few advertisements on it.

The focus of the blog is writing and social networking. Anything outside that realm (Mostly family funnies and slice of life) will still appear here, unless its a political post. All politics will appear only on The Huffington Post from now on.

If you have a chance to drop over to either site and make a comment, you would surely make me smile.

Thanks Everybody.



Gabriele said...

I just visited your new webpage
applesassy. I think it will be wonderful. Good luck

Kel-Bell said...

awe...Thanks Gabriele. That is so sweet. You are such a thoughtful blogger.

Karen Masullo said...

and it's Sassy! Good Luck

Ange said...

I am so dang impressed!!

pharmacy said...

Hey congrats for your new blog! Very interesting. I'll be around here seen your posts so please keep it up the good.