Friday, January 16, 2009

Geese Grumpy over Airstrike Coverage

The United Geese Federation is upset with coverage regarding the Miracle on the Hudson. Spokes-gander Loosey Goosey claims an unfair anti-avian media bias regarding the recent plane crash in New York.

"All the news coverage is claiming a goose hit the plane. Our position is the plane hit the goose. They keep quacking about the damage our goose did to the engine, but did you see the damage that engine did to the goose?!"

Geese all over the country are flocking together in protest of the coverage, flying in the classic V formation as a symbol of solidarity.

Right Wing Opponents say "They can honk all they want, but the fact is, they don't have a case. Geese are not considered credible in court."


Gabriele said...

Wonderful story. I too thought of the geese that were killed my the egines. Gee they were Canadian Geese. Could these geese have orginated from somewhere in the middle East. Were these birds here undocumented. Call Homeland Security.
Great writing once again Kellbells
I am still laughing,

Mike Licht said...

Captain Sullenberger charged with goose poaching!


Ange said...

It's always important to consider the other side.