Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great Tip for Dealing with Cold Winter Weather

I hate cold weather. REALLY hate it. I am one of those people whose toes turn to ice when the temp dips under 72 degrees.

But this morning, this lovely morning, when I awoke, I learned a new trick to make the cold months more bearable.

Last night I left my sweater hanging on the kitchen chair just above the heater vent.

When I put it on, oh my, what a delight! It felt as if it has just tumbled out of a hot dryer. I tell ya, it changed my mood for the entire day.

Old man winter, bring it on baby! I've got my defense now.


Rebecca Anne said...

LOL thats a great idea. I do hate to be cold and feel the internal wishes and tugs of Spring Fever.
Stay warm~

Gabriele said...

VERY GOOD! Happy to hear your warm now.
This has been the coldest winter in central Florida. Temps went down to 17 with 40s during the day in Jan. Last night the temp dropped again to the low 40s.
It is 60 now. I will not complain at all this summer, which begins in April May here, ever again
Keep warm. You brought a smile to my face. Thand you

Sildenafil said...

Great tip, I also hate cold days, my nose always get red and moist.