Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Happy Mothers Day!

I know it's weird.
But I have this thing for those tiny extra crunchy french fry pieces from McDonalds.
You know, those extra dark little crumbs at the bottom of the bag.

My kids always sort through their french fries and give me the crumbs as little gifts of love.

And I play it up with lost of ooh's and ahh's and yum, yum, yums.

It's a family tradition.

For mothers day, my creative little tykes came up with a great idea.

They went to McDondalds with a pocket full of change and asked the manager to double fry a whole bag, special order for their mommy.

They presented their gift with pride, and watched with excitment as mommy ooh'd and ahh'd over every crispy bite.

It only cost a dollar, but it was worth a million bucks to me.

I bet I'm the only Mom in the world who got that gift for mothers day!

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Rambling Rose Cottage said...

I stumbled upon your blog. How sweet! You have terrific kids!