Saturday, October 08, 2005

Here's a concept to chew on

If you have read this post:


You know the alternative version of The Tree of Life story (ie: Adam & Eve: Original Sin, The Fall of Mankind, etc.)

But this is an interesting concept to add:

Some teachings about Adam and Eve focus on the guilt a woman bears for original Sin, and accordingly, the stereotype of "a good woman" is one who is obedient and subservient.

Others focus on how God created Eve as a companion for Adam.
What a coincidence that women are seen as sex objects and playthings!

The Muslim Quran eliminates Eve from the story all together. She is not even mentioned. It is split up into several different chapters as the story of Adam, God and The serpent.

How are women treated in Muslim society? They are covered up and hidden completely.

Makes ya wonder, don't it?

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