Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Wish

I gaze at the heavens
with wonder and awe.

and Wish upon a shooting star,

But tonight, LOL, I Wished upon a Rock Star
In Cyberspace.

That's right folks, Pete Townsend has joined the blogosphere!
He is writing a book and posting it online. It's good stuff. Sometimes he tells the story, rather than showing it, but overall, his concept is solid. He thinks about Einstein and Black Holes, and that deep primal B flat sound from outer space. He muses on religion the meaning of life, and seeks balance between serious philosophy and light hearted fun.

Just like me.

The difference is that he has an audience, while my voice just fades into the vast emptiness of cyberspace.


I Wished upon his blog.

It seems so corny and so shallow, I know,


I hit the comment button
and I wished...

The same wish that we all wish,
when we stand in the shadow
of a bright and blazing star

To be noticed and given a nod,
by one with the power
to aim the spotlight.

To be touched for one nanosecond.
and taste a drop of the sweet nectar of public acceptance.
To hope that it will rub off
and provide the fuel
to break out of obscurity

So that my Voice could be heard
So that I could use the fleeting moments of my little life
to fufill a greater purpose

To create change
against hypocrisy,
and the destruction of our environment
just to name a few.

To spread a little laughter
a little joy
a little wonder

To break free from the rut of the mundane,

To plant the seeds of my soul, and watch them grow.

Maybe he will see it.
Maybe others will.
Maybe Maybe Baby...

"It could happen to you, it could happen to me, it could happen to everyone eventually."


I Wish...


fineartist said...

Amazing post Kelley.

I am going off to attempt sleep now, but when I come back to this machine I WILL be back to read the rest of your posts.

Justin Kreutzmann said...
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Justin Kreutzmann said...

your words don't fade into the vastness of cyber space without some people hearing them.

Kelley Bell said...


You're a sweetie. (Cyberhug)


You too Fineartist! Luv ya both!