Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Hallowen!


Trick or Treat is over, and the kids are finally in bed.
It was a night of frollicking frightful fun for all.

Our house was the party place for the grown ups, and check in place for their kids. We had a huge crowd.

We put up our castle
Made a cauldron of Dry Ice
Had a moving Ghost
Did Bobbing for Apples
played flashlight tag
Had a neighborhood pot luck buffet in our garage (Miss Lori's Ghoul-lash and Bloody chicken were to die for)
and I was a big hit doing single card Tarot readings in my Gypsy outfit.


garnet david said...

wow, you don't need to jump to the front of the reincarnation line, you created it, and built the roller coaster, and designed the physics upon which it is based. Happy Halloween. Sounds like you, and everyone around you, had a blast.

Love the wretching pumpkin. I'm gonna do that next year. Beat the kids to smashing it in the street!

beandbail said...

My boys (all 3) thank you for a wonderful, bewitching, magical, fun-filled night. We girls are so sorry we missed it. Hope it's going to be an annual event!!
Love ya