Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The International Council of The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

There is an ancient prophecy, shared by indigenous tribes all over the world, that states we are now in a critical time in human history. It warns of cataclysmic consequences and total destruction, if we do not reunite with Mother Earth and each other in the spirit of respect.

The prophecy predicts that The Grandmothers of all the worlds tribes would unite, and light the way for us.

That time has come. The Grandmothers have gathered to speak for the next Seven Generations.

This "Global Women’s Gathering [brought] indigenous women elders from around the world together with western women elders who have challenged the limitations of our social system."

The result was the birth of THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF THIRTEEN INDIGENOUS GRANDMOTHERS. They represent "a global alliance of prayer, education and healing for our Mother Earth, all Her inhabitants, all the children, and for the next seven generations to come."

Car bombings and insurgent attacks steal global headlines, when in truth, THIS is the work that takes precidence. Please take a moment to go to their website and view the video of this historic event, then ask yourself "What from our traditions are we going to move forward with?"

Ask yourself what is REALLY Important, and what YOU will do with this grand and glorious morning. Look at the faces of these beautiful women and think about what kind of woman YOU really want to be.

To me, these Grandmothers are more beautiful than any Supermodel or actress I have ever seen.

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Betty said...

These Grandmothers are POWERFUL. May they prevail. Whenever I need a dose of inspiration, I know I can find it on your blog. Watching their video has sparked so many thoughts, from memories of my Gram to the 80-year-old woman friend I asked to be present when my child was born to the notion that your children sure are lucky to have you as a mother. Your focus is where it should be. My hat's off to you.

john_m_burt said...

If anyone can turn this mess around, it's grandmothers. My own just turned 88, so at least my own family is still on course.

Writer Mom said...

Wonderful! I gave ya a link.
You're the coolest.

Writer Mom said...

It's been awhile. You must be out saving the world. I'll keep checking in.

garnet david said...

Hey Kelley. Thanks for pointing out the truly wise news.

I am reminded of the movie "koyanniskatsi" which means "life out of balance" as predicted by some Hopi(?) tribe about the future of man's history. Have you seen it?

Kathy said...

Kelley, Hope all is well with you and all you love....but we miss your words of wisdom and brain fodder. Writer mom has been fulfilling my need to read quite well, but I still miss your inspiration to be the best woman I can be.

Kelley Bell said...

Hi Gang! I'm back!!!

Thanks for all the comments. You guys are always a great boost for my spirit.

Yes, David, I have seen Koyanniskati. I find it difficult to watch. The music is most disturbing, don't you think? But then, it is supposed to be. It is a powerful film.

John, Kathy and W-Mom: Thanks for your comments. It means a lot to know that our voices are valued and heard.

I will visit all of your sites soon, and continue to post, after I get caught up on a few "real life" chores.

In the mean time, go out and enjoy a walk in the woods or a nice sunset for me.

Love to all,