Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gloria Steinem and Cecile Richards Get Ohio to Vote!

The Pro Choice women of Columbus, Ohio were gathered together to get out the vote. Planned Parenthood's Kelli Hykes worked as the driving force for the ground troops. I knew it was going to be a Big Event.

(Bravo Kelli, for a job well done!)

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards and feminist activist Gloria Steinem were scheduled to make celebrity appearances. I assumed they would take the podium, offer speeches, and cap it off with the standard photo-op meet-n-greet to rally the volunteers, but it did not quite work out that way.

Kelli greeted me with a warm welcome when I arrived, and handed me a packet of information about the evening's events.

"Instead of working the phones, I want you to go door to door as the leader of my VIP group. Do you have a car?"

"Sure thing, It seats six. Where's my group?"

"I want you to take Cecile Richards and Gloria Steinem."

At that moment, my heart went into a state of tachycardia, but I did my best to nod in an offhand, businesslike fashion, while thumbing through the paperwork.

"Um-Hm. I see. Could you excuse me for just a moment? I'll be right back."

I made a dash for the bathroom, hyperventilating into one of those little white bags used for sanitary napkin disposal. Then I went out to my car and panicked. You see, we just celebrated my daughter's twelfth birthday, and the car was still covered in grime and mess from five muddy munchkins on a sugar high.

I had three minutes, one used towellete, and an image of Gloria Steinem picking gummy bears off her shoes. I felt like Martha Stewart on a bad batch of crystal meth. But fear not my darlings, for I am Super Mom, and I managed to clean that car in less than a New York minute! (well, the front two rows anyway.) I pushed all the kid crap under the seats and on to the floor of the third row seat. While far from perfect, it would just have to do.

When I went back in, we decided to split Gloria and Cecile into two separate groups for maximum voter impact. I was all for it, as this meant Cecile would sit in the front, and my dirty little secret would be safe.

Cecile and three of her aids from Washington walked with me to the car. Cecile was so fun. Her excitement and enthusiasm for democracy are contagious. I opened the back door of my Pacifica, to demonstrate how to fold the seat for a third row passenger, guiding one of the girls to the back, but Cecile trumped me. She came from the other side and dove over the second row, into the third, spreading her six foot tall frame across the back of the car like an Olympic gymnast doing a full layout.

She was just like my kids! They never bother to fold the seat forward. They just dive in. I did not know if I should apologize for the ooey-gooies, or just offer her a pack of leftover gummy bears.

In retrospect, it must not have been all that bad. She did not seem to mind at all. Besides, she's a mom too. Maybe her car is about the same. (Either that or she is just one heck of a nice person.)
Anyway, we spent the evening going door to door, enthusiastically reminding people to vote.

I have never felt a more powerful connection to the political process than I did that night. This is what American Democracy is all about. If you have ever lost faith in our government, if you have ever felt depressed by the negative attack ads, or corruption reported on the news, folks, I can tell you; this is how you get your faith back. This is how you renew your sense of hope. You find good, like-minded people, then join up, and pitch in.

During our canvassing effort, we met a voter with a cute little dog. He said the pup was a Katrina survivor, rescued three weeks after the hurricane. I watched quietly as Cecile petted the dog and chatted with his owner. This man was a staunch lifelong, card carrying republican. Cecile did not grandstand or debate issues with him. She did not even reveal to him who she was. She was kind and respectful, and just petted the pup and listened to the story of the dog's horrific ordeal. She evoked this man's emotions, and got him thinking about the issues on a personal level. She handed him a flyer saying "Remember to vote!" but he just shook his head and said "I can't. I just can't. Not this time." It was clear; he could not bring himself to vote against his party, even though he too felt the need for change. The best he could do was abstain. Cecile offered a sympathetic smile as we prepared to move on.

I so admired her at that moment. It is clear, this woman understands, democracy is built on the foundation of listening to the people. It's not about screaming, or shouting at the opposition, it's about grass roots efforts, connecting to people, and working to make the world a better place.

When we got back, Kelli had box dinners waiting for us in the office. I sat down on a rickety fold out chair at a six foot table, littered with campaign material, and ate, with none other than feminist extrodinare, Gloria Steinem!

It's funny, when you imagine having a chance to share ideas with someone so famous and influential, the idea of eating sub sandwiches on paper napkins never enters the dream.

We had a wonderful conversation about politics, feminism, matriarchal cultures, and ancient history. (My favorite subjects, as those of you who read this blog already know.)

I liked Gloria. Her energy was so soft, like the calm of Walden Pond; still and deep, and infinitely contemplative. As a person who used to work security at rock concerts, I am accustomed to the drill when celebrities are afoot. But it was not like that at all with Ms. Steinem. She wanted to talk to everyone. Not just the superficial handshake and smile stuff. She wanted to know what we were thinking, and where we stood on the issues.

When I complimented her on her down to earth persona, she replied "You know, you can't write effectively in isolation. As writers, we need all five of our senses. We need to get out in the world and explore. The writing is meaningless if it is not connected to a sense of community."

I hope she really meant that. I think she did, and I was honored she spoke to me as a fellow writer. I gave her an envelope with a note of thanks and a CD with some of my feminist essays. I hope she reads them. I hope she likes them, and I hope my little contribution will aid these two amazing women in their efforts to make our world a better place.

Gloria told me "It's all about hope."

And hope is exactly what I feel tonight.


CrackerLilo said...

I'm glad you got to meet Gloria.

Val said...

Wow, I am blown away!
I think I would have suffered v-fib right then & there (esp if I had to chauffeur one of them in my grungy grimy child-hauling farm truck!)... I am SO JEALOUS KELLEY!

Kelley Bell said...

Grandma always told me to wear clean underwear, but she never warned me about keeping the car clean!

Kelli Arthur Hykes said...


You are a great supporter of Planned Parenthood and a fantastic mouthpiece for feminism and activism. I am so glad that you were able to get so much from meeting Cecile and Gloria!

I apologize for the car thing sprung last minute--as always happens in electoral work, something I planned had to fall through. The driver I set up for Cecile had car trouble and couldn't attend at the last minute!You saved me and our canvass plans with your flexibility and hiding your anxiety over gummy bear backseats so well.

Kelley Bell said...

Real life is drama, according to the Buddha, and election night is no exception.

Besides, it makes a great story!

No worries mate!

You Rock Kelli Hykes! Every woman in America owes you a big hug.

Ohio is a swing state, and you were the one doing the push.

Rain said...

good job, I would love to meet her.

beckyboop said...

I'm sorry, I'm still trying to get over the "I made a dash for the bathroom, hyperventilating into one of those little white bags used for sanitary napkin disposal" statement. Ahhh! Hilarious! I'm still laughing.

You, Gloria, and Cecile look great in the picture together. A trio of caring sistas in action.

As always, I loved and enjoyed the story. And damn it, I'm proud of ya!

Lily said...

What a great post! I am so glad to meet you and come over here. I can relate to so much of what you had to say- from the need to get out there and listen, interact... to the experience with the gummy bears. I have done canvassing for a long time and always feel rejuvenated by the "in person" connections.

Very often, meeting famous and influential people can be different than what we imagine. Not that I have met so many! But I am often surprised by how open and down to earth many activists can be. I think their willingness to listen and really hear says alot about them and might be why they have the perspective they have.

I will spread some links around later today during "nap time". Nice to meet you.

Kelley Bell said...

Thanks Lily!

Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

For way too long, women's issues, and womens efforts have been ignored by the mainstream media.

By uniting in the blogosphere, and spreading the word ourselves, we will break the silence imposed by the gatekeepers and create positive, progressive change.

Kelley Bell said...


I do LOVE your feedback. You always make my day.

And rock on with the Toys for Tots campaign!

Lily said...

Thy wicked deeds are done!!! :)
I realized that if I had to put anyone in my van that they would either be prodded by Elmo's foot,attacked by a disgruntled "my little pony" or have to hear Kelly Clarkson.

I am in total agreement with you on the media and beyond, a few things that we have to bring to the surface. First, is that the assualt on feminism in America is an assault by those whose interests are served of course by maintaining the status quo. It's important that we, as thinking women, look critically at ourselves and recognize that feminism is a broad term that includes many different perspectives and beliefs. Put ten feminists at a table, and you would see dozens of differences on MANY things.

That is why I really hope that we are headed in the direction of earnestly scorning moral "authorities" be they male or female,government or other, in areas where WE can be trusted to self determine. (like our bodies)

The media has dealt a real blow to feminism by promoting negative stereotypes and worse, by portraying feminists as hysterical, unreasonable, hating, selfish, etc. I think we have to look at all of these things and see that they do not define us or our objectives.

We have to link media to the political grounds we need to gain. Thanks Kelley Bell- it warms my heart to see people who see the value in "grassroots" activism.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Wow! What a story. And what wonderful women. How cool that you got to meet them. And honey, do I understand about the car! I don't have kids - I have critters and a husband - so the conveyance always needs sprucing up. I'm glad you had the where with all to give Gloria Steinem a copy of your work. Please let me know if you hear back from her. The woman publishes a whole host of magazines. Who knows? She might like what she reads.

dusty said...

This was such a good post Kelley. A post of happiness and hope...I loved it!

I too am very jealous of you meeting Ms. Steinem. I heard her speak many times in the 60s and 70s.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have blogrolled ya girl :)

Vigilante said...

You girls ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Kel, ask and you shall receive. :-)

Next time you see Gloria, tell her I said hello. I've always admired her strength and determination.

booboo said...
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booboo said...
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Anonymous said...
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firedawg said...

You continually impress me with your insights and energy. Your successes get bigger and better. Your get together with them sounds more delicious then chocolate. Wat to go

Kelley Bell said...


Where ya been? I thought you fell of the edge of the net!

So good to have you back!

Whatchabeenupto aye?

Glenda said...

Hey, Kelley, actually Cecile was a keynote speaker at a conference we put on back when she lived in Austin and her mom was governor (how I miss ANN!!) and she was running a non-profit that kept a watch on the religious right. She is amzingly bright and carries the torch for all women.

Met Ms. Steinem at a woman's conference in San Francisco in 1996. It's been a long haul, Saw Angela Davis, the late Bella Abzug, and watched the often cantankerous women's groups trying to build cohesion all during the past 20 years. We still don't have decent daycare. No ERA. But we've mad e some progress.

Debbie said...

Just so you know; we blogged this entry in the 27th Carnival of Feminists at Body Impolitic

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