Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Plan B Access

Thanks to Hillary Clinton, and Co. Plan B is now available over the counter. This means a woman can go to the local drug store and buy a pill that will prevent pregnancy, so long as she gets it within 72 hours of intercouse. But here's the rub: some pharmacys refuse to stock it. Therefore, if a woman lives in an area where she can't get to a pharmacy that has Plan B, she will end up facing the abortion question.

I dont get it. yanno, if the pro life folks want to reduce abortion, you would think they would be all gun ho about Plan B. Must be they don't really care about babies...they just don't want women to have sex.

Anyway, follow this Link to put pressure on all the big chain pharmacys to stock Plan B.

It's a good thing.


glenda said...

And they only provide it for women OVER 18. So a pregnant teen or pregnant teen rape victim is out of luck.

Since this is a contraceptive rather than an abortion pill, wouldn't you think the right to lifers would prefer Plan B to the alternatives??
Yes, unless their other goal is to outlaw contraception as well as abortion.

Trée said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kel. Peace my friend.