Monday, November 06, 2006

Just a little Teaser

WHO is that woman in the back seat of my car and WHAT is she talking about????

(Just a little teaser... Full details tomorrow.)

G'nite all. This tired pup is off to dreamland.


beckyboop said...

No way. You had Cecile Richards in the back seat of your car? What happened? A crazy bunch of pro-lifers tried to attack. You, out of instinct, acting as a body guard, swooped in and threw her in your back seat to safety....

Kelley Bell said...

Thats FUNNY Beckster!

Now I shall have to wait a day before posting..."the rest of the story" so my other creative and imaginative blogites can take a stab at it too!


Anonymous said...

That is way cool, as my descendants would say!! I hope you are celebrating in heaven like I am today!