Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free Valentines Day Poetry

Carolyn Howard-Johnson is offering a free download of her Cherished Pulse poetry as a Valentine's gift.

Isn't that sweet? Her offer embodies the free sharing of information that makes the webbernet so wonderful. (Her idea is also pretty handy for spendthrift Romeos trying to survive in our current economy.)

Click here to learn more about Cherished Pulse and how to do it.

Print out a poem on some fancy paper. Spray it with perfume. Glue on a flower or two, and present it to the one you love with a nice chunk of Ghirardelli Chocolate.

Happy V Day!


Ange said...


If only I had a printer!!

Kel-Bell said...

Hi Ange!

-Well, you could always "Copy/Paste" the old fashioned way: with quill and ink.


Andi said...

Oh!! Wow!! It's a wonderful gift for Valentines Day... Poetry, chocolates, sweet latter and flowers are romantic gifts...

Kel-Bell said...

Thanks for the link to all those coupons Andi.

We love coupons.

Gabriele said...

Happy Valentines day
to a very loving person.
I made and card and wrote of the love I have for my wife. and ofcourse Flowers

liezl said...

Oh!! Wow! It's a wonderful and great article.

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Sildenafil said...

It is a wonderful day, I always like to send poems to friends and girlfriend if I have at the moment.