Friday, December 24, 2004

Book Excerpt: Develop Positive Intent

Excerpt from my book, Reach for the Stars:

Develop positive intent

Developing positive intent is not that hard to do. What is difficult is the discipline to sustain it.

Right now at this very moment, I am crying. I am writing a book about positive thinking, and crying my eyes out.

I’m just having a bad day. We all do. I received some bad news this morning, and ever since, my day has gone down hill. My hormones are all out of whack, and that little voice in my head keeps trying to send negative doom and gloom messages like “this book will never get published. Why am I wasting my time? What makes me think that I could have a chance? I would be using my time better if I got a job at Wal-Mart.”

So what do we do when this happens?

1) Indulge in the present moment. Allow yourself to deeply experience the moment. Remember, we can only appreciate the positive when we have experienced the negative. Feel your feelings, and visualize the opposite. This will allow you to look forward to the joys to come.

2) Police your thoughts. Are you letting the doom and gloom take over? Are you putting blame on others, running a series of thoughts in your head over and over again in an attempt to place others at fault, or beating up on yourself? Stare that little monster in the face, and recognize that those thoughts are not your own. Tell the little monster that you will not listen. Make him go away.

3) Realize that there is a chemical physiological aspect to your emotions. Give your body the time it needs to regain balance. Did you work out today? Have you been fueling your body with the nutrition that it needs? If not, put that goal on your list of priorities. Know that your tears and sweat are cleansing your body of chemicals and excess hormones. You will regain balance in time.

4) Fight back!

I may be crying, self loathing, and blaming, and thinking of lots of doom and gloom, but by golly, I am still writing! I am still focused on breaking these patterns and continuing to trudge forward, step by step, closer to my dream. I have recognized what is going on, and have made a conscious decision not to allow it to cloud my focus.

At times like this we need to put on a Knights suit of armor, and go into battle. We must KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that we can in fact manifest ANY reality that we choose. We must have faith that Action plus Intent equals Miracles.


If we loose faith in this belief, we are doomed to fail, and destined to struggle through an existence of a completely ordinary average life.

And so, in the midst of my tears and pitiful sorry moaning, I raise my lance, mount my steed and charge forth with more steam and gusto than ever before!

I will not Fail!

I will not allow the enemy of my mind to sabotage my divine dream!

I will reach out and Live an Extraordinary Life!

Whoo-Hoo, I Say, through a stream of tears, Whoo-Hoo!

Anthony Robbins has a series of motivational tapes that I have recommended for years. On one of them he talks about a session that he had with a client who was depressed. Tony asked the man to describe his posture and actions when he felt depressed. The man replied that he slumped his shoulders, frowned, and did a lot of heavy sighs.

Tony mimicked those actions and said “Hey, you’re right, That Works! I do feel kind of depressed!”

So, I am sitting here at my computer, wiping my tears, checking my posture, feeling stronger as I rise up. I am forcing a smile.

Yes. Anthony Robbins is right. I feel better already.

Breathe Deep. Connect to the divine. Let go of all the stress with a long slow exhale.

Whoo-Hoo. What a day

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