Wednesday, December 29, 2004

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Kelley Bell said...

Much research has been done in the United States regarding the benefits of meditation. Many studies have shown that people who regularly practice deep meditations develop the ability to alter their brain wave patterns at will. The normal person will have an alpha pattern during wakeful states, a theta pattern as they pass into a sleep state, and both beta and delta patterns while sleeping. Advanced mediators, including the monks of Tibet, will consistently produce the high alpha/theta pattern during meditation. These subjects have shown super human abilities while in this pattern. They can raise or lower their body temperature, reduce or increase their heart rate, resist exposure to extreme weather conditions and physical pain, and even, (though this has not been corroborated by western science) affect the energy of other people for healing or hurting will little or no physical contact.

Meditation techniques are quite simple to learn, though they take a lifetime to master. Begin by choosing a still meditation, or a moving meditation. Relax. Empty your mind. If a thought enters, do not dwell on it. Let is pass by. Focus on your breathing. Inhale. Draw energy in through the abdomen. Feel it rise up the spine to the head and wash over you like a wave. Exhale. Feel the energy flow down the front of your body. You are meditating.

On inhale, draw in the energy of the earth, the universe, or the sun. On exhale, direct this energy to specific points of the body, like the hands, or store it in the Dantien (the center of the lower abdomen). Feel the energy expand around you, then feel it contract. Use these exercises to develop inner peace, enlightenment, and power.