Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Venus

The Venus of Willendorfa Posted by Hello

Once upon a time, many moons ago, before the first cities arose, people lived in harmony with nature, and the world was at peace.

Women were honored and loved, for they carried the great mystery: the ability to give birth and create life.

They honored their menstrual cycles by burying their moontime blood under a sacred fruit tree.

The tree was known as the tree of life.

They drank the wine from the fruit of the tree in ceremonies to honor the divine. The wine was given to kings, for it associated these men with the power of creation, and gave these honored protectors the blessings of The Goddess.

This is the truth behind the story of The Holy Grail.

The men became jealous. They quested for ever greater power and control...

Just as they do today.

They did not want to share their new found status with the priestesses, so they developed a new creation myth: one that put the man in the role of life bringer.

The story was of a man, who gave birth to a woman!

How silly you say? No One would ever believe that!

The story was of Adam, giving birth to Eve from his rib.

It was not the first such story. They took the idea from the tale of how Buddha was born from his mothers rib.

The story prevailed, not because it made sense, but because the tellers were men of conquest and power. They used fear to terrorize the young and indoctrinate them into their cult.

Patiarchies are like that. They use fear, and war as their weapons of assimilation.

In the dark ages, they burned over a million women at the stake, not because they were witches, but because they were respected herbal healers who still worshiped the Olde way.

The Goddess religions have been all but wiped out, and the patriarchies now rule. Women are considered subserviant in all patriarchial cultures. War is condoned in the name of their God.

The divine is no longer seen as part of a circular pattern emulating nature, but it is now a linear theology of One shot...either up to heaven or down to hell.

And the king suffers.
And the land lies in ruin.
Until the day when The Holy Grail is found, once again.

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Kelley Bell said...

Archiologists have found thousands of these little venus figures at ancient digs all over the world. But what are they?

Some say that Women were worshiped as goddesses because of their amazing ability to create new life.

Makes sense.

Back then, men did not know that sex led to babies.

What I find interesting is how fat this little stature is.

Look at modern jumgle tribes...Ever see a fat one?

Hunting and gathering burns alot of calories. Keeps ya lean and mean.

Whoever these ladies were, they must have been mighty special to get so much food and leisure time.