Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Culture of Life

Let’s say that we decide to promote a “Culture of Life.” We value life, we protect life, and we work hard to cure all human disease and illness.

Let’s assume that we are successful in this venture; that all our walk-a-thons and telethons and fundraisers enable our talented Scientists and Doctors to find cures for every known malady.

Human kind achieves its goal; the utopian ideal of perfect health and immortality!

Then what?

Massive over population, food shortages, eco systems being wiped out as billions of people swarm the planet like a plague of locusts.

Past wars over oil and religion will be remembered as petty skirmishes when compared to the epic battles over water, land and food.

Population growth is already at an alarming rate. Over fishing in the oceans is at the point where even the most common food fish are on the verge of extinction. Rain forests are disappearing. Entire cultures of people are starving.

If you read the Natty Bumpo stories about the early American frontier, you will note that the author describes the autumn sky as being “filled with so many migrating birds that they blocked out the sun.” I have never seen a sight like that. What I have seen is that each year the migrating flocks become smaller and smaller.

In China overpopulation is such a serious problem that laws are in effect, restricting each family to only one child. The results are tragic. Baby girls are killed, aborted, or abandoned by the thousands.

Folks, if you really believe in a culture of life, then you must think long term.

The actions we take now will determine the future for all mankind.

Live a life of passion and service,
and when your energies wane,
Welcome Death,
for it is the door that makes room for life anew.

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ScorpionTear said...

We need more positive messages like this. :)