Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Always a Good Read

Today I am adding
Adam Ash to my blogroll. Adam describes himself as "Your daily entertainment scout. Books, thoughts, laughs, and links from a lit-crazy NYC writer."

He tirelessly scours the net for thought provoking content, posting excerpts from books, mags, and rags, on politics, religion, feminism and sex. In addition, he offers a weekly dose of poetry to calm the soul and feed the spirit.

While some of his posts reflect on deep philosophy, often the content is racy, sexually explicit, and edgy.

It's not the kind of blog Aunt Bea would be reading to the ladies club in Mayberry, but for the rest of us, it's dandy literary candy!

Here is an excerpt of his work:

"THE QUESTION is not really why do you blog? But, which blogs do you read? What blog community do you count yourself in? I think blogging is a quest for community more than expression. I blog to put what I think out there, but mostly to share what I read. Look at my blogroll, those are my faves. I grab from them and over a 100 other places to put the most interesting stuff in front of you -- and in front of myself. Of course I have my own predilections: I like sex, dope, books, philosophy, futurism; I hate Bush; so you're going to get a lot of that. I also go off on my own rants, like the bit about marijuana that starts my long post about it a few posts down. There's a bunch of bloggers I love and count myself among (even though they don't necessarily know me), and it's my sincere hope that in reading what you read here, you will eventually end up reading the bloggers I love, too"

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