Friday, November 04, 2005

The Winds of Change

Change is the only constant.

In The United States of America, the winds of change are beginning to howl.

A new era is approaching. An era that will challenge the constitutional principles on which this country stands.

Be ready.

Our country has been led by "The Ol' Boys Club" for the past two centuries, but women, and people of color are infitrating the power structure, and influencing policy more than ever before.

This shift is part of the natural order. It will bring a much needed balance to the lop sided, agressive, ethnically abusive, patriarchal history our country.

The voice of the people will be heard. The values of a multicultural tapestry will be woven deep into the fabric of our laws.

Women will offer a matriarchial kindness and motherly wisdom to our policies.

It will change the face of our nation.

In the long run, it will be a positive change.

But be ready, for change does not often come without strife.


TheFlyingMonk said...

I love your insight -- very powerful thoughts about "old boys" club finally disceminating, making room for a more balanced approach in government.

This may also have major reprecussions to slow the tide of "big pharma" and corporations taking over countries and their medical systems -- to have some people who think like Martin Luther King, at the controls.

In Wayne Dyer's book "Real Magic" he also has a view of how our world is transforming to a better place.

It is that much sweeter seeing these views contrasted against so many negative views written in newspapers.



firedawg said...

I will not deal with people who treat my wife as less than me. I just cannot fathom how some (many) guys write off half the population! I am still reading your writings and will do some research and get back to you.