Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Who would you be?

I came across a blog that asked women what man they would be if they could come back and live another life. Most of the responses were movie stars. (Imagine that.)

What was really funny, is that I posed the oppositie question to my husband. He found it quite difficult to think of an answer. For that matter, I struggled more too. Most of the women I admire overcame a great deal of adversity. It was a tough trick thinking of one whose life I would want to live.

I did eventually come up with a few names. What about you? Who would you be?

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Abby said...

If I could come back as any man? I suppose I'd want to try being Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Power and wealth don't interest me much, but creativity and innovation do. For a woman I think I'd like to be Brigid of Kildare (453-523). I'd like to know what the life of someone is like who becomes a saint. What a great question!