Saturday, February 04, 2006

Albaneze Falcon Flushing Dogs

I took my mixed breed pound puppies to their first agility class last night, on the recommendation of my dear friend and animal expert Barbara Ray

When the time came to introduce my dogs to the group, Barbara spoke up and informed the class that my pups were "a pair of rare and exotic Albaneze Falcon Flushing Dogs, selectively bred for hundreds of years by the Arab Falconers of the Middle East, to flush prey for their hunting raptors."

Everyone in the class was duly impressed, including several dog breederrs and veteran obedience trainers, that is, until the head instructor patted her on the shoulder and replied "That's very nice Barbara. We'll all just play along like we believe you."

The laughter that ensued made my puppies feel quite special, and got the class off to a tail wagging good start.


Trée said...

Kel, I'm a believer. Btw, those are damn good looking dogs.

Kelley Bell said...

Thanks Tree. Mighty nice of you to say so.

Yup, that's their story now, and I'm stickin with it!


Kelley Bell said...

Oh, look at your photo!

OMG, what a cutie pie!!!

Trée said...

Kel, my avvy is Maria, one of our four Yorkies. She's a real charmer with a elvis like smile whenever she wants your attention.

Kelley Bell said...

One of the famous line of Pudding making puppies of Yorkshire perhaps?

Trée said...

Perhaps :-)

Rain said...

I can see why they believed it, they are gorgeous dogs!!

Kelley Bell said...

Lil Bear is lifting his lip like Elvis saying

"Why Thank you, Thank You very much."