Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl Sunday

The Rolling Stones will be playing the half time show at today's Superbowl, which reminds me of the time I played rhythm guitar for a band years ago. Sympathy for The Devil was one of our songs. It was back in the days of listening to a song thousands of times, writing down the words, and picking out the chords.

For an entire year we were stumped by a line..."Patendacades" We had no idea what the h*ll a patendacade was, but we sang it loud and sang it proud anyway.

Turns out the line was "for ten decades"

OHHHHH. Right.

Today I will be going to my monthy women's circle for a pregame boost. The "game" we have been asked to play in our circle, is that we must each get up and announce who we are. I have known these women for a long time, so this is not about the usual superficial name, city, occupation stuff.

No. In this exercise, we are to proclaim who we truly are, body mind and soul.

I've been mulling the idea for several days, but have not written anything down. I'm thinking that I will say something like this:

I am Kelley Elizabeth, also known as Kelley Bell.
I am a ringer of truth, and I never lie.

Kelley means Warrior Woman, and comes from the Goddess Kali of the Hindu faith.

I am called Wee-Hawk, Tigger and Sunshine.
I am an artist, writer, and cultivator of dreams.

I have traveled with the circus, and have sawdust in my shoes.
I have lived on the ocean, and have salt in my veins.
I have climbed many mountains, and carry rocks in my pockets.

I am a Blackbelt with a quarter of a century of disciplined training. I seek peace through strength, enlightenment through meditation,

and I am deadly with a blade.

I am well schooled in the healing arts of old, and honor the ancients for their wisdom.
I am child, sister, wife, mother and friend, and I am content to be in my own skin.

I was born under the sign of the White Tigress,
trained by the Black Panther,
and adopted by the Red Tailed Hawk.

My life is but a single flicker in a sea of stars, destined to fade, and alter eternity.
I am grateful for every second that my star is permitted to shine.

I speak in defense of Mother Nature, and raise my weapons against injustice. I fight for the survival of the seventh generation, and hold all creation as sacred, refusing to place Man outside or above any other living thing.

I honor the circle of life, and accept death as a necessary part of the balance.

I am student, teacher, warrior, and healer.
I walk the path of The Crone with pride.


That's what Im thinking about saying, but Im going in without a script, so who knows what might pop out!

You just never know what might happen in a "big game" hee hee hee


Writer Mom said...

Oh no! I linked you and now the Stones are gone!

No matter...Your "I am Kelley Elizabeth" really psyched me up.
I hope you memorize it.
Those ladies will be roaring right with ya by the end!

Happy Superbowl. Go Stones!

firedawg said...

I have been laid low with a silly chest virus for a week. I crawled to the PC to see what you were up to and read this marvellously uplifting piece. Hope you and the girls had a great bonding session.