Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Melancholy Moments

Melancholy moments,
Old age creeping in,
Feeling bland and tired,
Golden linings turn to tin.


Kathy said...

Chin up, Kelley, it isn't old age creeping in, it's the sucky month of February that won't let go!lol

Writer Mom said...

I second what Kathy said. February is like a head cold. When we all finally get over it, everything is going to seem so much better.

And tin can be useful, right?

Kelley Bell said...



Chin Up...

Tis winter grey that makes us joyful in spring sun.

(But Im still going to Florida with LIZ!!!)

Betty said...

Yep, I'm there. Just this morning, as I tried to jog for the first time in a couple weeks, I wondered if leaden limbs were part of the aging process...