Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My appologies

My appologies for going on another of my religious history rants, but every mornig when I read the newspaper, it jumps up in my face.

I remember in the sixties when all the beetle cars and VW busses had "God is Love" bumper stickers.

These days it seems like the mantra is "God is War."

The latest outrage is over a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad. Some Muslims are so angry over this cartoon that they are causing an international stir. Embassies are being evacuated, goods are being boycotted, violence is erupting, and a priest was killed.

They say it is against their religion to depict any visual image of Muhammad. They cry for others to respect their faith.

I respect the divine feminine, therefore I am offended by any and all abuse of women. The beating and mutilation of a woman is a far cry worse than a silly cartoon in my book. So what do ya say folks: I promise not to draw cartoons if you promise not to beat, rape, stone, or murder women. Deal?


Just another American Expat said...

Point well made!

firedawg said...

This happened in September and is only exploding now? It reeks more of political action then religious indignation. Sounds like the masses have been duped by their leaders again. Just polarizes the groups more and serves those who advocate violence and anarchy.