Friday, May 26, 2006

Another Hard day at the Office

This sweet little fawn was found during a thunderstorm, huddling under the body of her dead mother. She was shocky and weak. I took her to our animal hospital where she was admitted to the orphan ward.

We put her in with another fawn, and you should have seen her come back to life at the sight and smell of her own kind!

We are bottle feeding her some of our "super charged" fawn formula. There is no doubt that she will recover, be released into a new herd, and live a long healthy life in the wild.


Trée said...

You are doing good work Kel. Thanks for sharing a positive story of life helping life. Such a beautiful creature. Peace.

Kelley Bell said...

You do some amazing work too my friend.

The feeling that comes from reaching out in service to others is a mighty fine bonus, dont you agree?

CrackerLilo said...

WONDERFUL!!! I'm so glad for people like you who can do that kind of work.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

How lovely. First time I've been by for a thorough visit. You have a beautiful soul, my dear. It takes great strength of character to do for others - and I define others as all other life. I enjoyed your posts. I will be back.

Kelley Bell said...

Welcome O Singing Goddess of Girth!

I checked out your abode too, and I can tell that we are cut from the same cloth.


Kelley Bell said...

Hi Crackerlilo.


Wadda ya mean "people like you?"

People like YOU can do it too... (friendly hint and a nudge)

Rain said...

actually, I would love to have a job like yours. I wouldn't know how to go about it.

Kelley Bell said...


Three years ago I was the owner of a graphic design firm. When I sold the business, I got a bunch of books on new careers, and self assessment. It took me a good six months to really figure out what was important to me.

My family comes first.
Then comes this crazy dream of writing a book. (right now I have a 9,247 page pile of vomit on my hard drive.) LOL
And then, comes conservation; Protecting the Earth for the seventh generation; Using my life to make the world a little better place.
(The book is about family, personal growth, and our relationship with the natural world, btw)

So, once I figured out what was important to me, I looked for paths to integrate those things into my life.

I joined the wildlife center by purchasing a family membership, then my kids and I signed up to volunteer. It has just grown from there.

You can live your dreams Rain. Just define your goals and plant your seeds.



Writer Mom said...

Wow! Your comment to Rain should be a post in itself. Wonderful!

I was going to express my joy that your fawn is going to make it. I have sad tales of deer who gave up the will to live.
I once tried giving one mouth-to-mouth after pulling it from a river, but I didn't have a clue how to do it. It went into shock and died. They're so hard to rescue!
Anyway, I'm glad you know what you're doing and you're doing it.
*I doubt very much your manuscript is anything but wonderful, btw.

Kelley Bell said...

Awe Shucks Writermom...(Blush)