Friday, May 19, 2006

The DaVinci Code

I met up with a group of local media folks to see The DaVinci Code last night, and the experience was pretty much exactly what I expected. One critic was panning the film before we even walked into the theater, and seeing it did not change his opinion one bit. He was offended by the mere Idea of this film, and was not about to let himself be entertained.
The story is a murder mystery that takes Tom Hanks on a treasure hunt for clues. His quest for The Holy Grail, leads us through some of the most famous landmarks in Europe. It was well made, fast paced, and full of interesting twists and turns.

This film should be on par with Indiana Jones and the last crusade. Both movies are action adventure tales based on Grail lore. But Indiana Jones never raised the ire of the faithful the way The DaVinci Code has. The contoversy lies in the premise that the clues in this mystery question some of the modern interpretations of Christianity. Indiana Jones never did that. The Indy movie reinforced the tenets of The Church.

The crime behind Dan Brown's book is that it dares to ask the heretical question "What If?"

"What if?" is a dangerous question.

"What If?" caused the death of Galileo when he challenged the teachings of The Church by claiming that the earth moved around the sun.

"What If?" set off the great debate of Darwin's Evolution.

"What If?" landed John Scopes in jail.

"What If?" was the question posed by our forefathers when they wondered if it was possible to create a nation without a King; When the demanded Freedom of Religion; When they explored the idea that The People might be able to govern themselves; When they surmised that freedom of speech might be an idea worth protecting.

There are a lot of Americans who shook their heads in dismay at the violent reactions of Muslims when a Danish newspaper printed a cartoon of The Prophet Mohammad.

When I read all the hype over The DaVinci Code, it just makes me realize how alike we all really are.

If you like murder mysteries, code breaking and clues, you will like The DaVinci Code, unless of course you are afraid to ask "What If?"


Rain said...

Last year I took a catholic theology course and the instructor often went outside the lecture to point out that there was yet another flaw in the da vinci code theories. Not having read the book I had no idea what it was all about, but I could tell that it was getting church officials worked up. I am not motivated to read the book, so I am glad I can see the film to understand what all the fuss is about.

Kelley Bell said...

If you go see it, get some popcorn, kick back and enjoy it, you know, like you would any other movie.

But dont be suprised if some folks take the whole this very personally.

He-He, I went to the video store the other day and asked if they had the x-box DaVinci Code Game, and the clerk sneered "Why would you want to buy THAT???"

Good Grief! Can you imagine what this guy would think if he knew my real thoughts about religion...

Im quite sure his head would explode.

EuroYank said...

Your review is thoughtful and well phrased. Too bad so many are offended, because an open mind leads to critical thinking and analysis.

Those that pre-judge are fanatics, and I for one am glad that there are still some of us left that are not threatened by new thinking, or we would all be back in the "Middle Ages."

Kelley Bell said...

Why Thanks Euroyank. Welcome to the blog. I see that you have a whole slew of blogs! A busy mind...hmmm?

When I have some leisure time, I'll drop by and check them out.

In the mean time, have a cup of coffee and make yourself at home.

CrackerLilo said...

Very, very good review. :-) It's amazing--I think the condemnation of multiple churches is only helping it. But ultimately, it's an action movie/murder mystery with not-great dialogue and beautiful scenery.

Don't know how you got to my blog, but guess who my favoritest favorite singer and crush object is? I had a nude portrait of her serving as my blog's logo for months!

Kelley Bell said...

OHHHHHH, Now I know who you are Cracker!

Your the gal who wrote the other DaVinci Code review. (Very nicely done btw)

I think I found you through writermom, who also connected me with Fat Lady Singing.

New Cyber Friends to read and enjoy!!!!