Thursday, May 04, 2006


I just got back from the big grade school art show with my munchkins, and oh what a divine comedy of frolicking fun it was.
There is nothing quite like an evening packed into a smelly grade school weaving through swarms of wealthy white people who are all pretending to be from Mr. Rogers neighborhood.

We squeezed past pregnant mothers, snot nosed kids, and disgruntled dads, to seek out the art my kiddies had on display. This only took about half an eternity, as there were only thirty thousand mini masterpieces plastering the walls like a Sesame Street explosion.

When I was mere inches from going Columbine, we finally found my boy's frog sculpture. I must say I liked it. There was something in the expression that moved me, (or maybe it was the mosh pit of parents, moving me along the hallway like fans at a Smashing Pumpkins concert.)

Anyway, I told him I loved it, he beamed with pride, and we got out alive.

Im home now, safe and sound, with cocktail in hand, only mildly traumatized from the energy of that wholesome goody two shoes mob of Plastic Revlon Barbies.

Maybe I'll run for office on the platform of mandatory, State Subsidized Abortion.


Trée said...

Kel, thanks for making me smile tonight. I think I'll join you in that cocktail.

Trée said...

Oh, and you have my vote. :-D

Kelley Bell said...

Dont forget, It's Mint Jelips and bigshowyhats this weekend, dhaaling.

(Kentucky Derby)

fineartist said...

Kelly I loved this post.

I had forgotten how colorful elementary art can be, for a moment. I taught elementary art for ten years. Loved doing it, miss doing it. Now I remember why my home was all neutrals during that time period. And I do mean all neutrals, it was my refuge from color, my sanctuary of mellow. I've been teaching at the secondary level for four years now, and I have reintroduced color into my home.

The frog is amazing and it looks like he would like to maybe have escaped the Stepford parents right along with you.

You said it so articulately, and you said what so many of us think, but don't say. I remember those art shows, I always wanted to run up to some of the parents and scream with arms open wide, "HOW THE HELL ARE YOU?" I never did though. Administration frowns on that.

xxx, Lori

Betty said...

I was secretly thrilled when I got stuck in traffic, then couldn't find a parking space, thereby missing my child's recent open house at school. I am so glad that I'm not the only parent with this attitude. (Both of your kids appear to be artistically gifted, I must say.)