Friday, June 02, 2006

Abortion Speech

After reading all the comments, I went back and reviewed the arguments put before The Supreme Court, and I agree with you all, the debate is between Life and Liberty. I am rewriting the speech with the title: Give me Liberty or Give me Death, and running it with a patriotic twist.

I have shelved the whole eco-responsibility argument and will post a new draft in a couple of days.

However, this morning I woke up to a lovely pro-life editorial in The Columbus Dispatch from a Ms. Lizzie Cline, State Leader of Operation Outcry Ohio, in which she states:

"We would not be aborting ourselves into extinction, if the funds being given for abstinence education were actually being used for that purpose."

Please excuse me for just one moment. (Kelbell gets up from the computer, runs outside and screams.)

O.K. I'm back... All better now.

I realize that I must craft this speech with great care and decorum, but that doesn't mean I can't do a little informal venting here in blogland.

What I REALLY want to tell the Morality Nazi's is:

For all of recorded history, (whether you think that was 3000 years or 3 million years), human population never exceeded ten million people. We are now at 6.2 billion and multiplying exponentially. Scientists project that we will reach 14 billion in the next two centuries.

If you are one of the card carrying Pro-Life members of Jesus Inc. who think that this is God's plan, then you should assume The Good Lord wants us to grow like fungus on the great Petri dish of Earth, until we reach critical mass and kill each other off in the Big Super-Bowl Battle of Armageddon.

If this is the plan of the All Loving Creator, then my advice is to pop out as many munchkins as you possibly can, arm them with high powered military assault weapons, while drilling them in prayer, and recon tactics.

If you are making Miss Lizzie's argument of "Aborting ourselves into Extinction" Then take a moment and get real about what you are saying.

Here in the States, we seem to have a situation where Hispanics are on the road to become the Majority. We have plenty of brown babies available for adoption right now, and lots of special needs kids are in the bargain bin too; but apparently most White folks won't settle for that.

If abortion becomes illegal, all those adorable little white fetuses will be adopted into upper class families, while all of the colored children remain in poverty, along with their mothers.

So when you talk about extinction, you are really talking about Power; Keeping White People in power, and using Pro Life legislation to take power away from women, so that you can force them to incubate your power base, and perpetuate the class divisions of our society.

You make passionate plea's for the life of the fetus, while voting down social services for children. You do all this in the name of God, while sitting comfortably on the feather tufted church pews of indignant hypocritical morality.

Pish-haw to that.

The Pro Life movement is not about saving babies, it's about preserving the aristocracy by forcing women to sit in the back of the bus.


Val said...

Amen, Kelley, AMEN!!!
Can't believe I'm the first commentor, but I'm glad you're revamping the speech...

fineartist said...

"You make passionate plea's for the life of the fetus, while voting down social services for children."

The above sentence is the most powerful and truthful piece of criticism that I have seen in a long while. Thank you for saying it.

My heart is pounding, you go Kelley bell

fineartist said...

I should have said most powerful piece of truth, that I've seen in a long while. Just leave off that word criticism, okay?