Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Consiousness Connection

Modern science is struggling to define consciousness. Does it live in the brain? Is it part of the mind? Is consciousness part of and dependant on the existence of the physical body?

These questions have lead the greatest minds of our time down a path that is cracking the very mortar of modern science.

Evidence from recent scientific experiments suggests the strange notion that awareness is not confined to the brain, but rather, that it is independent of any physical location within the body. There also seems to be mounting evidence that thoughts can have a measurable effect on physical reality. This line of research is an unexpected curve ball to the reductionist philosophies of modern medicine.

Research of these mind – body connections are leading medical science into the realms of psychology and spirituality. Physiologist Claude Bernard may have been right when he predicted that in the future “the poet, the philosopher, and the physiologist will all understand each other.”

This may be a big hurdle for science, but it’s just common sense to the rest of us. There are thousands of stories that illustrate that our state of mind does have an effect on our physical body.

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