Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lady in the Water

Hubbie and I took the munchkins to see Lady in the Water last night. The girl at the popcorn counter said she was dissapointed by the film, and that she spotted a microphone hanging from the top of the frame in several scenes.

I looked, but never saw it, but then again, I was so absored in the story, I could have missed it. It was scary and suspensful, but not grip the edge of your seat terror. It was more what I might call "light-hearted horror." It was a fun family film. A great way to share a little nightmare with the ones you love. My 8 and 11 year olds both dug it deep, and both ended up in our bed last night.

My son also announced that he does not want us to get a pool. LOL

What more of a compliment could M. Night Shymalan want?


Writer Mom said...

Hiya Kelly!

So you recommend, eh? My hubby mentioned people were complaining about this movie. Said M. Night was getting too gimmicky.
Makes me think of when Dylan went electric. His biggest fans are the ones who are the hardest on him these days.
Creativity isn't fun when other people start picking it apart and making demands. Right?

:) sorry.

So, you liked the movie, then? Sounds like a fun night out.

Kelley Bell said...

Yes. We all enjoyed it. I liked the characters idiosyncrocies and the overall plot line:

Listen to the fables and myths of old, the ones passed down from your elders: for they hold many truths humanity has lost.

For those who are cynics, I think ol' Shama-Lama had a message for them in his film.

There was a character, who claimed "There are simply no more original ideas left in this world. Everything is predictable."

He of course, was wrong about everything, and paid the gorey price. His final scene cracked me up, but I wont expound, as its a spoiler.

The genre is more David Cassady than Bob Dillon, if that helps.

I think we should call it Bubble-Gum Horror. LOL

Betty said...

Well, I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't even heard of this movie. Thanks for the recommendation- I think the child would definitely go for this one.

I have just read all of your latest entries, and I am moved by the life you live and the standards you set for yourself. You are a wise woman, Kelley.

With admiration,

Kelley Bell said...

Awe Gosh Betty... (blush)

yer a sweetie for sayin so.

Thanks, and right back at ya.

CrackerLilo said...

I didn't understand why people were picking on him. It was, like, *just enough* horror. I don't do well with blood, but this operates on a good mental level.

Kelley Bell said...

Mabye its bacause he's an Indian guy who wrote a story about a female Goddess, who has come to save the world.

Not only is she tramping on Jesus' territory, but she is naked too!

A water sprite from nature!


DJMC said...

OH MY GOD! This was the worst movie I have ever seen. I can not beleive that you liked it! The microphone hanging over everybody's head in over half the movie was awful. After I seen it, I could not un-see it. I was very disappointed.

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