Monday, July 10, 2006

Living within the Truth

While leading a seminar at a local Women’s Career Center, the topic of stress reduction came up. I suggested several types of meditation and breathing techniques. A debate then erupted over “the right way” to do such practices, and the women expected me to judge, and proclaim the winner.
“Learn em all!” I ruled with enthusiasm. “Some are designed for calming the mind, others are for generating energy and fueling the metabolism. Some aid in extending deep muscle stretches, and some shift the mind into an alpha-theta brainwave pattern. If you only learn one, you are missing the boat!”

A woman in the group began laughing. “I LIKE this Lady! Anything goes with her.”

She pegged me. That is my philosophy. Do what ever you like. Explore it all! Try everything! Do not be constrained, or controlled, or limited by anyone or anything.
However, those who adopt this philosophy know from experience that the life of an explorer is wrought with potential danger.

All things in Balance

My life flows so peacefully, that I often look around at all the trauma and drama and wonder how I got so lucky. The answer to that is balance. I balance my “Go For It!” gumption with a little mantra I recite to myself every morning: “I choose to live a life of service and compassion, while living within the truth.” That’s my motto, and it has served me well.

Living a life of service offers the highest of all rewards. I measure my wealth by this standard, and I am one obscenely rich woman! I give to my family, my friends, my community, my earth, and myself, each and every day, and it fills my cup with abundance!

I discipline myself to greet each of life’s encounters with an attitude of compassion. The practice is often difficult, but it eliminates 90% of potential stress and strife.

Last, and perhaps most important, is that I live within the truth. Like superman, I never lie. I don’t lie to myself, and I don’t lie to others. This serves me well, in so many ways. Not only do I hold the trust of others, I have also learned to trust myself, and this is key.

You can not live a freewheeling “Go for It!” life if you don’t trust yourself. You must be able to listen to your feelings and trust your instincts. This is what keeps you out of harms way. It’s simple, it’s honest, and it Makes Life Grand!

© Kelley Bell 2006

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