Friday, September 22, 2006

Critter Connection

I took the kids to see Jungle Jack today. It was so cool. He brought a Dingo, a tortoise, and the most adorable little leopard kit you ever did see.

The munchkins loved it and so did I, except for the fact that I'm lookin mighty old and fat in this photo.

Time to start working out again.


Writer Mom said...

I do not concur with the old and fat, but I DO take issue with you sticking those boobies out in an obvious attempt to draw attention to yourself.
For shame.

(How cool and you have lovely children. Forgive the boobie comment. Couldn't help it.)

Kelley Bell said...

OMG! I am TOTALLY Crackin Up!

Yes, I agree, if women have boobs, they should leave them at home.

You are too-too funny WM!

beckyboop said...

Love the boobie comment too. What a handsome family you have. How exciting to meet Jungle Jack! Is it me or does your daughter resemble him? Hmmm? I swear at first glance I thought he was your hubba hubba hubby.

Kelley Bell said...

Hey Hey Hey there girl!

That kid is 100% Hubba Hubba and Kellbell mix. (Even though, I must admit we are a bit "wild" from time to time.)


Jack is cool. He may seem like a big celeb to the folks in T.V. land, but I remember when he came to Columbus twenty years ago. He was a small time zoo director, hired to work at a small time zoo.

We live in the same neighborhoods, shop at the same grocery store, and go to the same restraunts.

Thanks to David Letterman, he got hot overnight, and our little zoo is now a world class facility as the result.

But Jack is still Jack. Busier than before, but no less personable or approachable.

He's a real good guy...who looks nothing like my daughter!

fineartist said...

Kelley Bell,

You are beautiful, just like I knew you would be.

Boobs wear 'em proud, not only are they attractive, they're useful in a number of ways. Oh boobs let me count the ways, feeding babies, attracting attention, providing a comfortable head rest, filling out clothing, catching drips....Boobs I love 'em.

Jack, oh man I miss him, he used to be on Johnny Carson a lot.

Your daughter is beautiful, a perfect mixture of hubba hubba and you. Shame on Becky for suggesting that Jack was somehow mixed in the gene pool somewhere. (Becky, just say no to pain pills, girl, they're making you see into things.)

Your little red headed boy is CEEEute as he can be. He looks very gentle too.

Kelley, I would love to be neighbors with you, I'm thinking we could have wonderful coffee talks, and maybe some merlot slurs too. xx, Lori

Kath in the Country said...

My animal envy is oozing...Jack Hanna has been one of my mentors, as well as my daughters. Two generations of animal enthusiests and you just happen to know him personally. Can you read my jealous envy between my lines...not pretty, really. Ha ha
Like FineArtist, I wish we were in the same neighborhood...solving the world's issues over a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine.....

Xavierism said...

Should I be worried that my boobs could give your boobs competition? I need to hit the gym more often! :)

I think you look incredible! Great pic of the family. From the moment I first saw your pics in your blog, I felt as though I've known ya for quiet some time. Funny how that happens...

Hope you're having a fab week!


Kelley Bell said...

Hi there O' Artist of Fineness!

Love the booby chatter. Too funny.

I'm sure Becky was just joshin with me. Her comment made me laugh.

Have I told you people how wonderful you all are? Yo are Mahvelooous. (smooches to all!)

Kelley Bell said...

Hi Kath!

It would be cool to have a place where we could all meet for coffee, like the gang on the show "Friends."

I would love that. In the mean time, pour yourself a cup, and get typin! LOL

Kelley Bell said...

Hi X!

I am havin a fab week, for the most part. Thanks for the boost.

Now, lets both plan on getting in that workout today! LOL

zingtrial said...

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