Sunday, September 03, 2006

Go Bucks!

My hubba Hubba Honey bleeds scarlet and gray. He graduated from OSU, and has held season tickets to the football games for as long as I have known him.

Our tradition is that I accompany him to the season opener each year. I like that game best, because the alumni band joins the current band on the field to create a four way script Ohio. I don't know why, but it always gets me all choked up to see those old alums shine up their instruments, relive the glory, and stand in pride as the current band bows down in homage to their predecessors.

This year, The Ohio State Buckeyes opened their season with a bang, lighting up the scoreboard for a 35-12 win against The Northern Illinois Huskies.

Illinois bragged they could beat the Bucks, mainly due to the talents of Garrett Wolfe the nation's leading returning rusher, wearing jersey #1.

In spite of his zig zag moves and bullet like speed, The Bucks made it clear who is really number one. We're the number one team in the country baby!

At the end of every game, coach Tressel has our team address the band and sing the schools alma mater, Carmen Ohio. I like that. And I admire Tressel for creating the tradition. As a coach, he understands, leading his team is about more than winning. Its about honor, on and off the field.


Anonymous said...

Now that looks like fun. Good luck to your Buckeyes.


Xavier said...

I love college bands...but I'm partial to the LONGHORN Band! Yeah, I'm geared up for the game on Saturday.

I read a comment of yours from Jude's blog. I love that Canadian chickie chick!

Just wanted to say hi...and to say, "HOOK 'EM HORNS!"

Kelley Bell said...

Thanks X!

Love your radio station.
oh, and

Xavier said...

Thank you! I love listening to my oldeis. Today I am listening to Random Play on my sound system. It's time to clean and clean around the place. It never ends!

Great blog! Enjoy the weekend...