Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Whole Living World

Freelance nature and science writer, Chris Clarke of Creek Running North wrote an interesting post in response to the
Online Article from regarding the discovery of the 3.3-million-year-old bones of a female toddler from Ethiopia, whose remains illustrate the evolutionary link between primitive apes and modern humans.

Chris writes:

The creationists will deny this, claim the Link is still Missing. After looking at this photo for a time today, I find I pity them. They cannot feel the sublime and terrifying sense of heritage you and I share with this little girl. They cannot see the family resemblance, cannot look into those three-million-years-vacant eyes and know that they are kin to the chimps and gorillas, and thus kin to the lemurs, to the snakes and frogs and sharks. What a lonely, pallid life those ideologues must lead, with only a book of stories to fill in for the whole living world.


zingtrial said...

Hi! What a waste I am with you on this one my friend,
Great posting Liked reading through it .
Wish you well

Kelley Bell said...

Hi Zing!
Nice to see ya.

I am glad you enjoyed the post, but I have no idea what you meant with you comment.

Could you favor us with some elaboration?

fineartist said...

And it’s really so simple…they don’t even have to trash their beliefs they can choose to believe in a theological form of evolution….works for me.

I believe God/Goddess did it, but I’m just not sure how, but evidence is piling up, yep, so there ya go.

Xx, Lori