Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hog the Camera

Watch the video

A friend of mine was on the local news this morning promoting energy conservation. She appeared with a person dressed in a pig costume. The Energy Hog was her prop to educate us about ways to conserve energy in our homes.

I called her up after the show:

"Ms. Hubbard? This is the ACME talent agency. Your television appearance was HOT! Celebrities have been calling all morning. They want YOU to appear with them for promo's, meet and greets, and public appearances. Angelina and Brad, Tom and Katie, Jimmy Carter...They're all on board. We would like to sign you...wait...excuse me...Yes, I have Ms. Hubbard on the phone right now...Oh, I see.

Um, Ms. Hubbard, my apologies ma'am.

It seems they want the Hog."


Tree said...

I'll be screening my calls from now on. :-D

Physician, heal thyself! (ref, a certain Austin Powers quote) :-)

fineartist said...

Kell, you are so fun, and ornery too. I like your style. xx, Lori

Kelley Bell said...

"Oink Oink"